caricature 1

Street artists in Vilamoura

While I was in Vilamoura, I saw several street artists. They were truly talented. Read the caption I wrote for each picture and see it for yourself!

oil pastel

This man uses oil pastel to make those amazing portraits. They look so realistic!

caricature 1

This man was making a caricature of that nice woman.

caricature 2

I think he really capted her expression and personality.

coal painting

This artist uses coal to do these amazing and expressive portraits.

child portrait

This man was drawing the little girl. I wish I could see the final result.


This man writes your name in a beautiful way. Using different brushes and different colours, he creates shapes reminding colourful elements of nature, such as birds and trees, which compose the shape of each letter.

What do you think of these outstanding artists? Did you ever pose for any street artist? Let me know in the comment section!


Marine of Vilamoura!

Previous post about Algarve: the city of Portimão.

During my trip to Algarve I visited Vilamoura, which comprises on of the largest single tourist complexes in Europe and has about 2000 hectares of land. This is the place I know better in Algarve, because it is the region of Algarve where I usually stay since I was a little girl.

The marina of Vilamoura is surrounded by luxury hotels (with ratings from three to five stars) and holiday homes. There is a large casino and also many vibrant restaurants and bars. At the corner of the marina, people can charter boats or visit facilites for jet skiing and parascending. Also, there is a shooting range, a vast number of sports clubs, and also many night clubs.

As you can probably tell, tourism in Vilamoura is really well-developed and people from all over the world come to see its beauty and uniqueness.

The day I visited Vilamoura, while watching the sunset, I had dinner at a restaurant called “7 Figo Decklounge”, wich is owned by the former portuguese football player Luís Figo. It has a beautiful view over the marine and the boats. Then I walked around, ate a delicious ice cream, took pictures and went to some of the many stores in that place.

Here are some pictures!

palm trees and boatshousesboatsmarinepubboatsparasolDSC_0225DSC_0233DSC_0235from above

figo's restaurant

Figo’s restaurant. Yum!


colourful reflections

I love the colourful reflections in the water.

DSC_0266 DSC_0270 DSC_0265 DSC_0254


Where am I going next? 😉