Take me to church – Muziek in de Cathrien

Every Saturday, here in Eindhoven, there is held a different music activity at St. Catharinakerk, in the city Centrum. Last saturday, january 16, my father took me to listen to the Vocaal Ensemble Melos, which consisted of twelve female choir singers, along with dirigent Lucas Vis. For only 7 euros, we got to appreciate a beautiful moment of beautiful music from beautiful angelical voices. Among other works, they sang songs of Johannes Brahms, Max Reger and Giuseppe Verdi. I was the youngest person there, as most of the audience were aged people, who were wise enough and had enough culture and sensibility to enjoy classical music. It was a really relaxing moment when I could just get immersed in the choir’s voices.

After the show I walked around the church, to discover and photograph its wonders. It has a gothic style, full of interesting architectural features and has many amazing stained glass windows.


I leave every church I visit with my mouth open, as they are all so amazing.

Have you ever been to a church to listen to music? Have you ever been to this church? Let me know!


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