Wandering around Eindhoven marktplein

I am back in The Netherlands!!! I am going to spend a couple of weeks in this country and there are so many places I want to visit and see!

Every Saturday, it is held a street market in Eindhoven, known as the Eindhoven Marktplein. I love street markets because they are so fresh and full of colour, so I decided to visit this one. Despite the cold, the sun was shining that morning.

People could by flowers of every kind, specially tulips, fruit and vegetables, pastery, clothing, bicycle gear and also eat local traditional street food.


At lunch I tried some Kibbeling, which consists of battered chunks of deep fried fish, served with a mayo and garlic sauce. It is delicious!!!


Kibbeling. Great to snack in the cold weather.



Ik dacht aan U zooeven

In deze schoone dreven.

En zend U van hier uit deze stad

De mooiste kaart, die te koop men had.

I loved this experience. Tell me in the comment section what you think of street markets and if you enjoy visiting them!


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