NYE 2015/2016

So here I am, at 18h45, in my hotel room in Porto, getting ready for his New Year’s Evening, making a 2015 throwback in my head and writing this post.

This year has come to an end. Did it go fast? Yes. Did I achieve my goals? Many of them. Did I learn? So much! Did I change? I think so!

I entered college this Fall and I had many personal things going on at the same time and those were the reasons why I didn’t post so much on my blog since September. During this absence in the blogosphere, I enrolled in a Business Administration Course at university, I met really amazing people and participated in college competitions and activities, both intellectual and physical.

2015 made me feel really fulfilled, because I did many things I love. 2015 broaden my horizons and opened my mind in such way that I am confident enough to say everything can happen.

I am expecting great things for 2016. One of them is an update on this blog. I am planning on buying a domain for All I Breathe and to refresh it, changing its theme and post style to something more appealing. I will post more and better pictures. Oh, and I will post much more frequently, because I love blogging and connecting with you!

How did 2015 make you feel? What are you expecting for 2016? Let me know in the comment section!


Double view from the highest floor in the Hotel.




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