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DIY Flower Letter

flower letter

This DIY is great if you want to make a space a little bit more “YOU”.

My friend Maria João and I love DIY projects. As we are both starting college and she is moving to a different city, we wanted to make a decoration piece that she could take with her and put in her room. This time we decided to make a Floral Letter with the initial of each other’s names. We loved how this DIY turned out and how it gives a personal touch to every environment. Keep reading to learn how to do it. It is really simple!


materials tela

  • Fake flowers. This is the most important material. We got full bouquets at pretty low prices in a chinese bazaar. Maria João bought white flowers and I bought white and red flowers.
  • Ruler. The ruler was used to make some measurements and to delineate the shape of the first letter of your name.
  • Pencil. The pencil was useful for making the lines we wanted to cut in our canvas.
  • Craft knife. We used this craft knife to cut our canvas in the shape we wanted. It also helped cutting some things more carefully.
  • Scissors. We used the scissors to cut the flowers and leaves out of the bouquets.
  • Hot glue gun. We got this for 3€, also at the chinese bazaar. It glues everything very nicely and gives a good hold. regular glue (in tube or “lipstick”) isn’t strong enough for this work.
  • A thin canvas. We wanted something like hard cardboard but we didn’t find anything that would be strong enough to keep the flowers in place without falling or to be hanged on a wall. So we decided to use a thin, flat canvas and it worked perfectly!


  1. Draw the lines that make up the shape of your letter in the canvas.cut shape
  2. Using the crafting knife, cut the edges of your letter.cutted mcutted z
  3. Turn on the glue gun, so that the glue starts heating up while you are doing other tasks.
  4. Start cutting the fake flowers and leaves out of their bouquets. Arrange them as you like. We divided them in groups: white flowers, red flowers, leaves…red bouquetcut the flowers after cut
  5. Start off by glueing the biggest flowers. We realized that placing them on key points of the letter, like corners and edges, makes it easier to recognize the letter. More, the final product looks more bigger flowers
  6. Glue the smaller flowers and the leaves wherever you think they will look pretty on your letter.gluehalfway mhalfway z
  7. Aaaand it’s done!!! Congratulations! Now you have an amazing personal decoration piece to place in your room or to give to a special person! 🙂
    finished M


    If you try this DIY, don’t forget to take a picture and send it to I will post your works!


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