caricature 1

Street artists in Vilamoura

While I was in Vilamoura, I saw several street artists. They were truly talented. Read the caption I wrote for each picture and see it for yourself!

oil pastel

This man uses oil pastel to make those amazing portraits. They look so realistic!

caricature 1

This man was making a caricature of that nice woman.

caricature 2

I think he really capted her expression and personality.

coal painting

This artist uses coal to do these amazing and expressive portraits.

child portrait

This man was drawing the little girl. I wish I could see the final result.


This man writes your name in a beautiful way. Using different brushes and different colours, he creates shapes reminding colourful elements of nature, such as birds and trees, which compose the shape of each letter.

What do you think of these outstanding artists? Did you ever pose for any street artist? Let me know in the comment section!


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