The city of Portimão

If you missed my last post about Algarve, don’t forget to check it!

Portimão feels trully like a Summer city. It has many hotels near the beach (Praia da Rocha), apartmens with wide balconies and restaurants with fresh and delicious food, such as pizza, barbeque, seafood and Portuguese traditional food. This city also has a marine with some pituresque houses and a beautiful view. More, it is full of nice and economic restaurants and bars, some of them with live music. In conclusion, I enjoyed the many interesting moments I spent doing other things in the city that were not going to the beach and staying at the hotel pool.

horizonhouses palm tree and houses yellow and orange housesmarina marina de portimao windsurf flags water slides marine of Portimão

Almeida restaurant.

almeida restaurant

Delicious and cheap meal at Almeida Restaurant

restaurants marine at night arcs marine at night

Living statue

A living statue.

tony carreira

A concert during a sardine festival, featuring Tony Carreira, a very famous Portuguese folk musician.

good night

Some pictures in this post are a bit lower quality than the others, because they were shot with my phone.

Hope you enjoyed!


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