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The most beautiful beach in Portugal – Praia da Rocha

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I arrived home from my sunny holiday in Algarve. The weather was truly amazing.

I stayed with my family in a nice aparthotel in Portimão and also went to Vilamoura (you will see pictures of that in the next posts).

I went to Praia da Rocha, the most popular beach in Portugal. Its name, which means “Rock’s Beach” in English, is due to the presence of big rocks between the sea and the sand. Although this beach has a big extension, of about 146 000 square meters and 1,5 kilometers, it is almost always full of people, specially in mid August, when most people are in holidays.

Tourists are attracted by the big amount of bars and restaurants, open both during day and night.

I absolutely love this beach. The sand has golden tones and is thin and moldable, the reason why a sand sculpture competition is held in Algarve every year. The view is breathtaking, as you can see in the pictures. You won’t be afraid of swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, because the waters in this region are very calm. The beach flag is always green!


A slightly creepy sculpture I made with sand. :p

Have you ever been in Praia da Rocha? Do you find it beautiful? Let me know in the comment section!


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