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The Body Shop Vineyard Peach – shower gel and body scrub review

I love The Body Shop for two reasons. First, all products are produced ethically and sustainably. Second, they are all amazing, because they are high-quality and naturally-inspired.

Body ShopToday I am doing a review on two products I got from The Body Shop, a shower gel and a body scrub, both of them from the  Vineyard Peach special-edition range.

  1. Vineyard Peach Shower Gel, soap free cleanser with peach extract and vineyard peach frangrance – I love everything about this shower gel. It has a great colour, a great consistency and smells really, really nice. More important, it leaves the skin really soft after using it in the shower.
  2. Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub, with peach extract and vineyard peach fragrance – This scrub also has a great smell, a very natural one. As it is supposed to do as a scrub, it lifts away dead skin cells and stimulates skin surface microcirculation. I have to say it works perfectly and although it is an exfoliating cream, it is still very gentle and delicate.

I have to say I am never disappointed at this brand. In one word, these two products were PEACHY. 😉


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