Summer Fun – 6 things to use during your Summer

summerfunSince it is summertime and there are a lot of things to do during this season, I decided to collect some things you can use during your summer, to make it even more fun and enjoyable.

  1. Inflatable Flamingo, Sunnylife, €64,20. This flamingo is everything you need if you want to “float the day away all summer long”. It is large enought and seems to be really comfortable!
  2. Stone Pendant Necklace, Stradivarius, €7,95. I found this necklace in Stradivarius and I think it is really beautiful. When light reaches that white “gem”, it sparkles in a pretty way. And it isn’t too expensive.
  3. 600 ml Plastic Mason Jar With Straw, Amazon, €13,34. These are great for drinking smoothies and milkshakes, whether it is in your everyday routine or when you throw a Summer party!
  4. Beauty Marks “The New Make Up” – Cosmic, Mr. Kate, €11,00. These are a collection of desings made to adorn your face and body. According to Mr. Kate, “the hand-drawn designs are applied like faux tattoos and can be cut up and worn in any way to accent your style. BeautyMarks last for 2 to 4 days and can be removed any time with body oil.”
  5. Polaroid Socialmatic Camera, Polaroid, €275,12. This camera combines the nostalgic appeal of vintage Polaroid instant print cameras with ability to share using the camera’s built-in Wi-Fi and Android™ interface. This camera connects to your smartphone through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, prints 2″x3″ photos instantly on ink-free paper and lets you connect with your favouirte apps to share your photos instantly.
  6. Stamp Print Sarong Towel, Oysho, €19,99. This towel is relatively cheap and is really soft and light. You can carry it to the beach or to a picnic in wich you want to sit in the grass without getting your clothes dirty.

Wich one is your favourite? Do you know any other original things to use? Let me know in the comment section below!!!


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