World Water Day 2015

World Water Day is celebrated every year, on the 22th March. It is a day to celebrate water. It is a day to raise awareness and to make a difference for those in the world who suffer from water related issues. This day makes us think about how the world will manage the use of water in the future.

In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated 22 March as the first World Water Day. A different issue is featured every year. This year is about “Water and Sustainable Development”. In other words, “how water links to all areas we need to consider to create the future we want”.


The Pathway to a Sustainable Future.
Infographics on Water and Sanitation in the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Visit the World Water Day website to learn more.


One thought on “World Water Day 2015

  1. brightfella says:

    Indeed a crucial topic for the future. While in some countries water is wasted, in other water is so scarce that it may even be the cause for war. I am glad to see that people like you are spreadoing a good word in terms of global awareness concerning this problem.

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