On turning 18…

Spring Break has arrived, along with Spring. I will finally get some time to rest, to study for exams and also to resume my blogging related activities.

I turned 18 last week, which was very exciting, but terrifying at the same time.


My 18th birthday cake.

When I was just a little girl, I used to think people would instantly get a car, a house, a job, money and a marriage the moment they turned eighteen. The adult world was something far off my reality as a child, the reality of Barbie, Lego, Game Boy and Disney. I remember my boredom during family dinners when grown ups were talking about subjects I did not understand and all I wanted was to get out of the table and play. And I always thought being an adult would be the coolest thing to be.

Now, as I am much older and have a completely different vision of the world, I understand what adulthood means and what is life (Or at least I think I understand, because I did not live it yet.)

Returning to how I feel about turning 18… Many of my friends whose 18 birthday is later this year asked me this question: “How do you feel now that you’re eighteen? Is it any different?” And I told the same thing to them all: “It feels just like the same it felt when I was seventeen.” I think we were all expecting some kind of sign or magical transformation coming from inside of us, just like in The Sims game, where people are covered in magic and suddenly envolve to the next life stage.

In one hand, I am excited about turning eighteen because I feel like my life is about to change and more things are about to happen quickly. I will enter college soon and start living a more independent life.

On the other hand, this is a milestone I did not want to reach yet. It makes me feel like life until now has passed really quickly. College years will go by in a blink of an eye and then time will fly when I start working in a real job. I am afraid of having trouble achieving all my life aspirations and goals, and not having enough time or opportunities to do all I want to do.

Nevertheless, I will try to be optimistic and understand that I have still so much to do and so much to live and that life is still full of doors ready to be opened.

What were your thoughts when you turned eighteen? Please let me know in the comments! 🙂


2 thoughts on “On turning 18…

  1. brightfella says:

    Your article reminds me of my own daughter, who has turned also 18 this month. I find the picture of your birthday moving. How years go by! I am closer to 81 than to 18 now, but like you I do not know what may still come. That is part of the game. Anyway, let us enjoy this journey called life! I wish you all happiness in your adulthood.

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