Hello March

hello marchToday is already the 8th March. But I just could not skip this post. Every month we go through is a gift.

I barely wrote posts during February, due to my busy life as a student. In one hand, it made me feel a bit sad, because I really wanted to write more and bring interesting content to all visitors, readers and followers. On the other hand, this blog, as a hobbie of mine, has to stay in the background while I devote most of my time to investing in my future.

March is probably one of my favourite months of the whole year. I love March because it is when we start feeling the first signs of Spring. Bees and butterflies start flying around. Cherry trees start to blossom, nights are shrinking again and days are fresh and sunny. All we want to do is to leave our jackets and scarfs and gloves at home and just lie in the grass.

March is also the month of my birthday, so I recall great memories just by hearing the word “March”.

This month I will try to write more here on All I Breathe!

I leave here this lovely poem about this lovely month. Enjoy.

march poem


2 thoughts on “Hello March

  1. brightfella says:

    I know some meaning a lot to me who has also birthday this month. It is exciting, special in Northern countries, to witness the renewal of Nature by the transition from Winter to Spring. I surely agree with the birds, feeling and externalizing the joy of life and its intrinsic wonders.

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