(Hello 2015) Hello January!

hello january 2015I know it is already 9th January, but I want to greet 2015 and January today anyway.

When I think of 2014, it looks like a really fast and confusing time-lapse video, where some frames are just blank and in others I can distinguish different faces smiling and talking to me, my feet stepping in places I have never been, piles of school books ready to be studied, the sun going up, the sun going down, the moon and the stars appearing, the sun going up again, breaking news on the TV, my city changing, culture changing, the whole world changing, new gadgets, the rain on my hair, the beach, random foods, random clothes and random objects, as well as noises and even smells (apparently this video is a new kind of technology…).

I want to thank everyone for the views, comments, follows and likes on this blog. It is great to interact with the blogosphere.

I believe 2015 has an infinity of wonderful things wainting for me, and I will make sure I try discover them all.

What does 2015 have wainting for you?


What is in your mind?

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