christmas tree 1

How I spent my Christmas

I always spend the Christmas day at my Grandmother’s house. This is the time when all my family, even the ones who live far away during the rest of the year, is together to celebrate. Winter warm sunlight going throught the window, classic Christmas background music playing, the smell of turkey coming from the oven, the colours of all the traditional pastry and the joy in everyone’s faces are all that I am excited for each year.

christmas starchristmas tree 1 christmas tree 2 Lunch was a true banquet. After some appetizers, like shrimp cocktail, we ate turkey and the time just flew because of all the fun we were having in family.

shrimp cocktail

Shrimp cocktail. Mmmmm…

As you may know, Portuguese pastry is internationally known for their deliciousness. For dessert, besides cake, truffles, gelatin and some fruit, we had filhoses, rabanadas, sonhos and bilharacos.



Filhoses, a traditional Portuguese Christmas pastery.


Rabanadas. This pastry is similar to french toasts, and is one of my favourites.


Sonhos. Portuguese word “sonhos” means “dreams” in English. And believe me, these taste like whatever the taste of dreams is.

Of course, Cristmas is not that magical if children are not there playing around, running, jumping and laughing. Luckily I have little cousins who I love to play with.

tinkerbellbarbie and unoWe all gave presents to each other… I mean… Santa Claus gave us all presents (I hope children do not see this). And I got really nice things that I needed. One of my favourites was a DSLR camera, wich, among so many other things, will be awesome for blogging.

I feel really blessed for having the family I have. Spending Christmas with everyone reminds me of that.

candletwinkle twinklechandelierRed FlowersHow was your Christmas? Let me know in the comments. 😉


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