10 Nice Gifts to offer this Christmas

10 nice gifts to offer this christmasThree days left until Christmas Eve! Everyone is in a rush to buy those last presents. Are you still unsure about what to give to a friend of yours? I have the solution. I made a small list of nice and original gifts I think many people would like to be given this Christmas:

  1. Holga Lens Filter case for iPhone, $16.19. Once fitted on your phone, this kit allows you to take photos with 9 different special effects and filters without the need of anny software or app installed.
  2. Mini Cotton Candy Maker (Nostalgia Electrics), $35.93. Giving a friend this machine will make him feel again like a child at a funfair. The Cotton Candy Machine fits anywhere and it is easy to use. Just put the ingredients in, scoop it up, and enjoy all that sugar rush!
  3. Learn Dothraki with Living Language, $19.99. Based on the hit original HBO series Game of Thrones, this books features a pronunciation guide, basic phrases, a detailed guide to grammar, 250 vocabulary words organized in eleven thematic lists, a dialogue, culture notes, and 50 written exercise questions to test your Dothraki. The accompanying one-hour audio CD features pronunciation, phrases, key grammar examples, vocabulary, and a dialogue. Your friend will be able to understand the language before Season V starts! Me nem nesa.
  4. Acrylic Make Up Organizer, $27.70. This organizer is for that friend of yours who loves make up. There are several different tipes of organizers available, some just for lipsticks, some just for compacts, some with many drawers… and their prices also vary much. The one presented in this posts has enough room for lipsticks, compacts, brushes, pencils, and anything else your friend wants to store there.
  5. Fujifilm Instax mini 8, $87.51. I am sure you have seen this cameras around on the Internet. The Intax mini is a basic point and shoot camera that takes instant photos and develops them like an old school Polaroid camera. Great for photography fans!
  6. UP by Jawbone, $65.99. We all have that friend who loves to be fit. For that friend, there is nothing better than this bracelet, wich is a fitness-tracking gadget. It records daily activity and sleep efficiency, includes a vibrating silet alarm and comes with a mobile app for iPhone and Android.
  7. Melting Clock, $8.50. This clock, inspired by the painting The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali, is a perfect gift for an art lover. Besides being actually useful for checking the time, it is an awesome decoration statement.
  8. Smartphone Laser Tag, $59.99. This product brings first person shooter console gameplay to smartphones! As you play and shoot your friends (don’t worry, it is completely safe!), the App installed in your smartphone keeps score and tracks everything else. The app also adds augmented reality objects to the user.
  9. Pizza Cone Maker, $18.99. Who doesn’t love pizza? This Cone maker allows you to make pizza in the shape of an ice cream cone. Aren’t you already salivating?
  10. Dior Diorific Nail Lacquer, Gold Equinoxe, $28.00. Special for the holidays and available in golden, white, red and brown. This is a high-end nail lacquer I saw in a make up shop. The colour of the lacquer and the packaging are so beautiful I think it is a great gift to offer to a close female friend.

Enjoy the shopping spree!


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