Monday Inspiration #2 – Christmas decorations

How did your week start?

It is time for inspiration! Since Christmas is approaching and most people have already started decorating their homes, I thought it would be nice to inspire you with some pictures of christmas decorations I found on the web. I think Christmas decorations and lights bring a whole new life and even some magic to every place and that it is amazing to see all the variety and originality people have during this time of the year.


2d2a9e198b9b8a192feba5eeddc03347 4e02b7da32a474c3325e491f13eabfde 76b370a06e0beb18c03178f4a14c6719 675880de9373b307ae7352dd929cb52c b84d67659d0d42751770b77ed4cbdf9f b965fdec0d101071aa910bdb997b1a21 bc533d20ca310e363ad3369aa27eb6a2 christmasdoorwithdog christmashouselights snowglobeterrariums


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