Hello November

hello novemberHello November! How I missed the sweater weather! Erm… maybe the sweaters have to wait, because the weather in my country has been strangely and uncommonly warm these past weeks. While shops are already selling Christmas trees and Christmas decorations, right now, the temperature outside is 19,6º C / 67,3º F… so I am wearing a tank top while writing this post…

October was a pretty busy month for me, as you can deduce by my lack of posts.

cozy definitionIf I had to describe November in a word, I would say COZY. I am looking forward to experience the best this cozy month has to offer.

I want to wear warm, cozy, clothes.

I want to buy chestnuts in the street after a walk in the city, in the dark, cozy evening.

I want to watch movies with my siblings in our cozy sofa and share a blanket with them while it is raining outside.

I want to stay in my cozy bed and read some of the books that are queuing and pushing each other, longing to be read.

I want to drink cozy, hot beverages, such as tea and hot chocolate.

I want to bake those delicious cakes that make even our stomach feel cozy.

I want to walk in the cozy, sunny and fresh mornings.

I want to feel I got warmer just by exercising.

I want to wear soft and cozy pijamas.

I want to celebrate cozy family birthdays (many of my family members have birthday in November).

What are you planning to do this cozy November?


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