Hello October

hello octoberSeptember flew away, just like an Autumn leaf comes off a tree in a windy day… It is time to say… Hello October!

I think the previous month passed so quickly because, as school started, I became busier again. I wake up early in the morning, spend half of the day in school, study, exercise, have dinner and relax a bit and then the day is over. Then it is already weekend and then a month has passed. Probably, most of you also feel like time goes by in a blink of an eye.

I accomplished my goals for the previous month. This month, I plan to make my blog a better one (have you seen my new header image? 🙂 ), so I enrolled in Blogging University, by The Daily Post, wich is great for begginers to learn the basics of blogging, as it gives assignments with tasks and tips for posts. I will learn to use Photoshop for blogging.

I collected some October inspiration on Pinterest for you:

Black-and-White-Hand-Sketched-Sharpie-Pumpkins-at-thehappyhousie.com-409d9a3af3964bd1e8041449bec36a584 94ebda6c1385bf6c41c03f9b4a5c6a66 a14b5fd1d02941db82c276cd356620af bc6b4afe20ad19df0c7f3f56602902d2 d2c01f76cbd366d05f2259e9841cf230streetoctober93be7d2be7e17fba4cbbaff06811d307354f81365de83895a4706d761b3442aeThe autumn forests of Steneto reserveanimalsfallTo finish, Autumn, from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi.


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