First day of school

first day of schoolIn many countries, school starts in late August, but in Portugal classes start in the middle of September. Leaving the arms of our beloved holidays is always sad to me. I immediately start missing the places I have been, the things have loved doing, and the people I had opportunity to be with.

When school starts again, I start remembering and thinking about the worst of it: lack of sleep, endless lectures, bad teachers, studying under pressure, too many tests per week, undesired results, frustration and anxiety. Those are just some of the things most of us have faced during school time.

This year I want it to be different. I know it will be one of the thoughtest years in my academic training, but I will be stronger than that. I will keep trying my best and giving everything I got, I will manage to have things organized and advanced in schedule and I will keep up with all I learn to get the best grades ever.

I will put my optimism glasses on and try to see school in the best way possible. I will cherish all the lessons I learned from it and enjoy my study time. After all, I am in the course I chose, with the subjects I like, wich will lead me to a college course that will lead to my dream job. I think those not-so-enjoyable moments in school will prepare us all to life as a citizen.

Today was my first day of classes. It is my 12th year in school and also the 12th year I got nervous on the first day (It feels so irrational!). I felt really lucky when I saw my school schedule. I only have classes in the mornings, wich gives me spare time to study by myself and also to relax, exercise and be with friends. I met my Portuguese and my Biology teachers and I also met my classmates, but I did not have the opportunity yet to get to know them better. My positivity glasses showed how nice and interesting they look.

Mulan gif

I hope my teachers put positivity glasses on when they see the answers in my tests 😉

What do you think about school? How was your first day of school?


4 thoughts on “First day of school

  1. brightfella says:

    School is a world in it self, with its own social dynamics. And, of course, it represents a great chance to be confronted with knowledge, that vast body of human experience from with you take just a little every time…
    Let all students take advantage of those opportunities, for their benefit and the world’s.


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