DIY Glamorous Notebook

DIY Glamorous NotebookMy classes are starting on Monday and I already went shopping for school suplies. I wanted to get notebooks that were pretty and cheap at the same time, but the most pretty notebooks in stores were too expensive. So, I decided to buy the cheapest notebooks and decorate them myself. I think getting active to make your own things, giving them your personal touch feels much better than just buying them.



  1. Notebooks. Obviously! I bought spiral notebooks because they are more practical to me than side-stapled notebooks.
  2. Cardboard or foam. I used regular red cardboard on the back cover and these amazing red foam sheets with glitter in the front cover of the notebook.
  3. Book lining. Lining the notebook after decorating it will protect it. If you don’t apply book lining in the glitter foam sheets, the glitter will spread everywhere.
  4. A ruler or a square, a pencil, a scissors and glue.



back instructions

  1. In the regular red cardboard, using the pencil, the square and the ruler, outline a square slightly bigger than your notebook size (mine was A4 size).
  2. Cut the rectangle.
  3. Glue the rectangle in the back cover of your notebook.
  4. Spread glue over the excess cardboard.
  5. Bend the excess cardboard over the back cover of your notebook and press it for a few seconds to paste it. Cut a book lining square also with bigger dimensions than your notebook.
  6. Cover the back cover with book lining. To avoid air bubbles, use a ruler.


front instructions

  1. In a white thick sheet. draw a section three inches wide. Cut it.
  2. Place and glue the white section on the right of your cover, like in the picture.
  3. Glue the red foam with glitter on the front cover of the notebook, leaving visible the white section glued before.
  4. Cut any excess of foam.
  5. With a marker, I wrote “Biology” on my notebook, because I will take it to Biology classes. But you can write whatever you want!
  6. Once again, use book lining, this time to cover the front of your notebook.

Finished! You will get this nice looking notebook which is going to add some extra glamour to your school or office supplies. 🙂

When people ask me…
“How did you get to be so crafty?”
I tell them it’s because I ate paste as a child.


3 thoughts on “DIY Glamorous Notebook

  1. brightfella says:

    If you do waht is proposed in the post, you will also get much more attached to your notebook, after all you gave it that personal, distinctive touch! Moreover, it is good to apply your creativity everytime you have a chance to!


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