Praia da Barra – A day at the beach

I always felt fortunate to live near the beach, in Portugal. I only take 15-20 minutes to reach it by car. In Aveiro, in the coastland, there are three main beaches: Costa Nova, Vagueira and Praia da Barra. This weekend, the weather was excellent, and as my holidays are about to end, I went to Praia da Barra to take profit of one of my last days at the beach.

praia da barra

Praia da Barra. In this side of the shore, the water is calm. But if you like surfing, the other side is great!

Praia da Barra means something like Breakwater Beach in English, and has this name because of its characteristic one kilometer long breakwater. Praia da Barra also has a beautiful lighthouse with pink and white stripes. There are many esplanades and restaurants near the beach, which are fabulous places to go after a dive in the ocean.


The lighthouse down the street.


Look how tall it is!

barra landscape

One of my favourite landscapes.

woden path

A wooden path through the sand.

beach 2

Although it is already September, there were many people at the beach.


A small dune with vegetation.


The seawall is 1km long. I love walking until the end and see the vast ocean from there.

view from seawall

The view from the seawall…

people in the sea

People refreshing themselves.

ship leaving port

A ship leaving the port.

After a cold bath in the sea, I returned home, already missing that hot and sunny afternoon. No matter how many times I visit this beach, I always find it beautiful. What do you like most about going to the beach? Do you live in the coastland or near it? Let me know in the comment section!


8 thoughts on “Praia da Barra – A day at the beach

  1. flavialozano says:

    Love your pictures. Summer has just ended and I already miss the beach so much!! Also, always wanted to visit Portugal, your post just added to that.


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