My trip to The Netherlands #3 – Places I have been

I returned home about a week ago. Being in The Netherlands for three weeks was the best! As the tittle of this post suggests, I will be talking about some places where I have been, where I think everyone who loves travelling should be at least once in their lives.


Eindhoven, the city where I spent most of the time, is located in the South, in North Brabant. The industrial revolution and Industrialization of the 19th century contributed to a big population growth in this city. The Philips company also had a great influence on the inhabitants, which is still visisble today. Do you know the PSV Football Stadium?

PSV Eindhoven

Philips Stadium Eindhoven.

Philips Stadium

This stadium holds a four star rating by UEFA. This was the place of three UEFA Euro 2000 matches and also 2006 UEFA Cup Final.

I think what I most liked about Eindhoven was the Natural Environment, like lakes, parks and animals and how it is balanced with civilization (see this post). But I also LOVED Eindhoven Centrum, the city centre, full of restaurants and famous shops.

eindhoven centrum

The Eindhoven Centrum has a big plaza, where street markets take place sometimes.

heuvel gallery

Heuvel Gallery – great for shopping!

zoet en zout restaurant

Zoet en Zout: If you visit Eindhoven, it is mandatory to eat in this restaurant. The food is delicious!

police on horses

Police riding horses at the city center.


Some garages near the Stadium. They really caught my attention…

creepy fish

Well, this was a strange, bizarre fish (???) with what looks like human body parts (probably molded silicone and fake hair) I saw in a shop window.


After sleeping in a lovely hotel in Zeist, I headed to Utrecht. This city was considered by LifeHack as one of the 15 Upcoming European Cities You Have to Visit Now Before Everyone Else. This city used to be the most important city in The Netherlands, but then Amsterdam became its most populous city and cultural center. Utrecht is built over a canal, so we can see beautiful bridges linking the streets, and also people taking relaxing boat rides. There are street musicians and lots of animation thoughout the city. There are many restaurants and a wide variety of places to shop. It also has a great historical center as well as museums.


Don’t you find similarities between this city and Amsterdam?

people in the street

People in the street. Look at the flags of Suriname, a country that once belonged to The Netherlands.

the streets

At the center, a lot of small shops ands restaurants offer many surprises.


A bridge over the canal and parked bicycles. The century-old streets provide always great scenery.

statue utrecht

Statue in the entrance of St. Martin’s Cathedral, reminding how the dead have fought in righteousness.

Den Haag

After Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Den Haag is the third biggest city in The Netherlands. Although this city is not the capital of the country, it is where the Government, parliament, Supreme Court and Council of State are located. In Den Haag I visited Madurodam, a park for children that shows Holland’s Highlights and Heritage. It has miniatures of the most known places in the country.


In Madurodam. Look how tiny those windmills are!

I also went to Scheveningen, a modern seaside resort with an esplanade full of bars and restaurants, and a long, sandy beach. The wheather was very cold and windy, but I stil wanted to dip my toes in the North Sea.

scheveningen beach

Scheveningen beach.


Efteling, located near Tilburg, is the biggest theme park in The Netherlands, one of the most popular in Europe and also one of the oldest. It is twice as big as the original Disneyland in California.

Once I entered the park, I was involved in a Fairy Tale Forest environment. The themes are so nostalgic and romantic! There are rides both for small children, families and “daredevils with guts” (as written in the park map they handle us). The attractions are related to ancient myths, legends, fairy tails, fables and folklore. There were many stories I have never heard about and were just delightful.

talking tree in the forest

A talking tree in the forest. I wish I understood Dutch!

giant from little thumb

The Giant from Little Thumb fairytale.

I highly recommend you to visit Efteling website and also their YouTube channel. You will get to know their attractions, rides (and POV videos). A post would never be enough to talk about my day, that looked like a dream, in this park.

Aquanura Water Show was my favourite show ever:

So this was the last post about my trip to The Netherlands. I know this post is big, but I think it is worth it. I hope you liked reading and I also wish this was a teaser for you to get to know this amazing country.


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