Hello September

hello september (apples background)Good bye August… Hello September! This post was supposed to be written on Monday, but I returned from my trip just a few days ago and have been busy and also in places with no Internet connection. But two days will not make a difference, right? 🙂

In every beggining of a new month, I will write a post like this one, where I tell what I most liked about the previous month and also what I expect the present month to bring to me.

Summer was excellent. I was on holidays for two months, and being in The Netherlands during three weeks was amazing (I will soon post “My trip to The Netherlands – #3”). I had spare time to be with my family and with my friends and to do most of the things I like and also to learn new things.

September is when Summer is collapsing into Fall, so we need to hug it tight and say good bye. Children are going back to school, people are heading back to work and everything is starting again.

In a couple of weeks I am returning to school. This will be my last year in High School. I will have less subjects to study, but it is not going to be easy, because I will pass through Portuguese and Mathematics final exams in June and I have to study hard during the whole school year. This month, I feel motivated to do my best, to keep everything organized and also to keep my tasks advanced in schedule. I don’t know most of my new classmates, so I hope to get along with all of them since the very beggining.

September’s Autumn weather is great to exercise, because it is not too hot neither too cold. I will take advantage of that to go outside and run at sunset, feeling the fallen leaves pop in every step I take.

By all these lovely tokens september days are here, with Summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.

~ H. H. Jackson

What are your plans for September? I would love to read what are your expectations for this month.


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