man meditating

OM: A meditation guide

woman meditating

When I was younger, I used to think meditation was only for religious old people in temples. I could not be more wrong.

About a month ago I started doing some research on this subject and once I knew about the benefits it could bring us I gave it a try. I am still a beginner, a newbie, but I am making progress. 🙂

So: meditation is a known buddist tradition. It is a way of making your mind more focused and also calmer and silent. It helps finding inner peace and to overcome day to day stress.

How to meditate? Find some tips in this Meditation Guide for Begginers (like me) I created!

meditation guide

  1. Close your eyes. Your eyes are the windows to the world around you. If you close your eyes, you are closing those windows and, therefore, blocking visual stimulation and distraction.
  2. Sit in a comfortable position and keep a good posture. The most common meditation position is sitting on a cushion on the ground in what is called a lotus position (cross-legged sitting). Maintain a good posture, with your legs crossed, your neck and back straight, but not tense, and with a good shoulder balance.
  3. With your palms faced up, resting in your lap, place your right hand in your left hand, with the tips of the tumbs toutching. This is the traditional hand placement, but you are free to place the hands in your nees, or hanging in the sides or wherever you feel comfortable.
  4. Plan for how long you are going to meditate. It is recommended to meditate at least 20 minutes a day. But you can start by meditating only for 5 or 10 minutes until you feel confident enough to meditate for 20 minutes or more. To avoid distraction, set a timer instead of being constantly checking the time in your watch.
  5. Wear confortable clothes. Take your shoes and wear something loose. Also, wear clothes that will not make you feel too hot or too cold.
  6. Find a peaceful environment. Find a quiet place where you know you are alone and not going to be interrupted. It can be in your bedroom, your office or even under a tree or at the beach.

Probably, many of you are wondering what Om means. Om symbolizes omnipresent consciousness and it is a Mantra. A Mantra is a phrase, word, or sound repeated over and over again until entering a deep meditative state.

Never forget that meditation is a long journey. At the beggining, you will find it difficult to stay focused, and your mind will wander a lot. Focus in nothing else than in your breathing and clear your mind. Appreciate time, silence and peace and you will become a pro faster than you think!

Meditation is good for all of us in many levels:

  • Less stress
  • Better focus
  • Less anxiety
  • More creativity
  • More compassion
  • Better memory
  • More gray matter

There are a lot of YouTube videos with relaxing music and also narrated meditation sessions. I downloaded the Deep Relax App from iTunes. It has a wide variety of relaxing sounds that you can mix to make up the perfect meditating environment.

Deep Relax Appp

Deep Relax App.

Also, if you have Wii Fit Plus, you should definitely try Zazen, a fun, challenging meditation game that will help you keep focused, balanced and still.

Girl using wii fit balance

Wii Fit Balance.

zazen gameplay

Zazen gameplay.







Click herehere and here for further information.

man meditating

Insert meditation in a healthy lifestyle and you will reach the peace of mind you seek.




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